Oil-Icon.png Oil Filter Technology


Donaldson oil filters are designed to keep fluids clean by capturing contaminants and abrasive particles. Unfiltered liquids may result in premature wear of expensive engine components.



1 - FILTER MEDIA Full-Flow media packs allow for maximum flow while capturing harmful particles. Donaldson filter media meets or exceeds the OEM specifications.

2 - HOUSINGS Heavy-duty construction designed for maximum operating pressures. Robust construction will not vibrate loose and will resist fatigue.

3 - THREAD The tapered lead in thread makes installation easier with leak-free performance.

4 - INNER TUBE Designed to allow full oil flow with no sharp edges, protecting filter media from damage.

5 - GASKETS & SEALS Made from elastomer for superior life and performance.

6 - SPRING A high tension coil spring maintains the media pack in position ensuring inner seal integrity.


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